Traffic & Transportation planning Services


Skyline APL provides comprehensive consulting services in the field of transportation planning. Transportation planning is a primary step for all transportation engineering projects and involves establishing the operating parameters of a project, environmental issues, special studies and data collection needs for travel demand forecasts, traffic operations and corridor studies. Even for small community projects, transportation planning is as important as it is for large projects that involve multiple modes of transportation.

By considering multiple alternative scenarios, traffic studies enableĀ  to design infrastructure to meet the demand andĀ  needs efficiently and effectively. This also allows flexibility of selecting low cost, low risk and high benefit alternatives for future needs.

Transportation planning services include:


Traffic Impact Studies


With the rapid pace of urbanisation, cities are emerging as potential markets and as a result large scale developments are in demand. Any such development can impact the surrounding roads by adding more vehicles to existing traffic or altering traffic patterns altogether. In addition to designing appropriate access for the proposed developments, planners and developers should strive to maintain a satisfactory level of transportation service and safety for all road users.

Traffic access and impact studies gather and analyze information that will help determine the need for any improvements to interior, adjacent, and nearby roadway systems.




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